How to Open A Boutique

So what does this have to do by opening a boutique? Mostly it is about establishing a destination. The first real step in opening a boutique is desire. A lot people work a weekly job, full time in and full time out under the direction of somebody else. For some people it is not a lifestyle they favor, but one which pays the bills. Having a strong market demand and quite straight forward methods for operation boutique possession appeals to numerous and generates that opportunity to get out of a dead end job and start doing something you love.

When you’ve made the decision to begin a boutique there are many first questions that you might be asking yourself on how best to begin. Taken all at once these concerns can be overpowering, enough so that a lot of people return to their tasks and only dream about what they might have done instead of venturing onward. Rather than giving up take the opportunity to sit down and write your questions down. This way you can choose which aspects are most important and concentrate on these first.

1. What type of boutique do I wish to run?
2. What will I sell and where can I buy it?
3. Where will I find my boutique?
4. How can I fund my boutique?
5. How can I get customers?

These five are a few of the biggest questions and the ones that will be discussed here.

What type of boutique?

This is one of the most essential questions to answer because it will establish the answers or at least the right direction to look for answers for the other questions. For a boutique to succeed it needs to fill a niche in the area where it is being opened. This does not mean that it needs to be the oddest thing which you can consider, but that you need to have some time and look around the area where you are considering starting your boutique. What sorts of shops already exist there? What’s missing? Your niche is in that area of what is missing where you will offer the very best customer support and prices for what you choose to sell. By way of instance there might be many clothing stores in your town, but nothing specifically for teenagers interested in reasonably priced hip hop clothing. This is a niche you can fill.

When you determine your niche write it down on a sheet of paper. This will be the start of your business plan.

What will I sell?

Having decided the niche you wish to fill it make take a little investigating to decide what inventory belongs in that niche. Check out sites and, if at all possible, speak to a number of your prospective customer base and see what items they are looking for. Within our Hip Hop case a few of these items might be the next:

Nike Air Jordan sneakers
Fleece Hoodies
Military style jackets
Multi pocketed jeans
Multi finger rings


You might not choose to carry everything that goes with this original list but it will give you an notion about what you are looking for.

Where do I do it?

There are numerous alternatives for where you will acquire your inventory. You’ll have to research the regional wholesalers and producers to see what they take that you can invest in. As well in most major cities there are niches which are made to bring together producers and small business owners. Some research can allow you to determine what cities near you have such markets and if they are open. Cities like Los Angeles could have consistently open markets while other cities might only have a particular weeklong show. Get on the lists to get these shows and also attend. Even though you are at the show take your time to make sure that you’ve looked over all of the possibilities at that show before you put in orders and begin to get your start inventory. Think about colors and cuts which you want and purchase in appropriate quantities. Most producers will need you to purchase at least four bits in any certain style per color. Don’t purchase more than that as it’s going to be too much to get an opening shop and maintain your options simple the first time outside.

Where to set your boutique?

When deciding where to find your boutique you will wish to consider several things. First of all you will want to determine if you want your boutique at a mall or a shopping center. A mall ensures a certain amount of traffic due to the place, but also requires that you work within the rules of the mall containing hours of operation, pricing and maybe shop layout. A shopping center gives you more flexibility but requires additional work in marketing to drive business to a store. If you want to be at a mall you will have to contact the mall in question and receive from them renting information and mall requirements. The exact same is true in the case of a shopping center, but you will be asking of the Landlord for rental details. It takes approximately 30-90 days to prepare an shop for opening so that you will want to negotiate for at least 30 days of